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Chores and Allowances - Helping Parents with the difficult topic of Kids, Teens, and Money.

Muddy MonkeysI’m the mama of two muddy monkeys — Vman and Hbomb. Leave it to my 6yo and 4yo to keep me on my toes. Through their craziness, sweetness and undeniable inexhaustible energy, they are teaching me as much about being a person as they are about being a parent.

MotherlodeRaising healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids isn’t easy. At Motherlode, we cover it all — homework, sex, child care, eating habits, sports, technology, the work-family balance and much more.

Code Name: Mama - I am a lawyer turned work at home mama to an amazing son and daughter. I’m also fairly crunchy, but I’m not crunchier than thou. My hubby and I practice natural parenting (also known as attachment or responsive parenting) and try to live consciously.

Being a Mummy - I’m a thirty six year old mum to three energetic little people: a boy who is four and a half, a girl who is three and a baby who was born on New Years Day.  In my other life, I am an archaeologist with a speciality in bone identification and a museum curator. I muddle through life in St Albans, Hertfordshire, looking for holes in the street on the off-chance I can find any treasure, but mainly to prevent  the buggy getting stuck.

Geek Dad - The parenting blog at, GeekDad delivers projects, reviews, and cultural commentary from the geeky parent's point of view. We are raising Geek Generation 2.0.

Blessing Abound Mommy - Review and Giveaway Blog focused on providing the latest in depth reviews for Moms and families and hosting awesome giveaways.

Mrs. Nespy's Frugal World - Savings I find as I walk this mile. Huge savings while shopping for groceries & household items, frugal articles, household tips, links for freebies and sweepstakes, couponing info, and reported successes (and failures). All about saving money on everyday life.

Living Locurto - Living Locurto is published by Amy, a mom of two and graphic designer. What started in July 2008 as a blog about creative things Amy did at home with her children, Living Locurto has since turned into a great resource for moms of young children. On Living Locurto you can find Amy's original ideas and designs, hundreds of her favorite free printables from around the blog world, weekly menu plans, recipes, fun party ideas and DIY crafts.