Kids & Money

Pat Veretto writes a straight forward piece about raising kids to be conscious of their money and what they spend it on. She insists that kids need to have their own money in order to learn how to become fiscally responsible. This article has some great ideas for helping your child to become more responsible with their allowance.

Parents chime in on how much they think their children should know about the family finances. Some believe that it helps their children to become more financially responsible while others believe that it just causes additional stress.

This article details many great ways to help your kids learn about money and the responsibilities associated with it. The author believes that giving your children an allowance empowers them to be smarter both as a consumer and as a saver.

The US Treasury has a cute site that is highly interactive and can be used for kids to learn about money in a fun way. The Treasury offers several links that provide information on everything from how money is made to collecting rare coins. This is a great site that will make it easy to teach your kids about money.

The US Mint presents a fun way to teach kids about money. The website covers everything from the history of money to explaining the minting process used today. There are several interactive games on this website that make it easy for kids to learn about the US Mint and money in general.