A great article that offers advice on helping your child to become a financially responsible consumer. These tips are down to earth and seem like they would be easy to implement with just about any child that gets an allowance for doing household chores.

Interesting ways to help your children learn responsibility with their finances. This article focuses on being consistent, and not rescuing your children when there is nothing left in their piggy bank.

A non-traditional look at allowance and how children earn it. Discusses different ways to award allowance, and the pro's and con's of each. Introduces the idea of a prepaid card for your teens allowance.

A well written article that suggests that parents should put more focus on practicing what they preach when it comes to making good financial decisions. Teens are more likely to do as their parents do, not as they say and this is especially true when it comes to money.

The Mint takes a look at several different approaches and concerns when it comes to doling out allowance to your children. A look at both sides of the chores or no chores debate as well as a frank discussion about rewarding kids for checking jobs off of the chore chart.

A survey of New York teens and how their parents deal with the whole allowance issue. Some are required to do household chores while others tend to have free reign when it comes to Dad's billfold.

Managing editor of Parenting Magazine, Mary Mohler, suggests involving kids in the family budgeting process. While it is not necessary to tell all, she does think that it is important to let teens become as involved as possible in the family finances.

A funny article that challenges the thinking of so called "child experts". Debates handing over money for nothing or letting kids earn it the old fashioned way. This article will have you dusting off the chore chart just in time for your kids next payday.

Rexanne Mancini discusses paying for good grades as well as a regular weekly allowance. Her children pay themselves first through a savings account and the end result has been a family of financially responsible kids.

A thorough look at everything relating to your child's allowance and the pride that kids can feel when they learn to save up for what they want. This site has some great teaching tools and a variety of money- related products that can be used to boost your teens awareness of their bottom line.

Shannon Wakeland writes about the importance of an allowance and how it can help a child to have an established routine of chores. Wakeland also focuses on teaching children the difference between wants and needs.

The main theory throughout this article is discussing with the child what is required of him or her in order to receive their allowance. The author suggests using a contract or a chore calendar in order to keep the child on track and up to date with their household responsibilities.

A great article about determining the amount of allowance that your child receives as well as discussing how they will spend their money. The author suggests setting the allowance at an amount that will be sufficient for your child's needs, but leave them needing to make decisions as to their wants.

The author discusses different approaches to the great allowance debate. Age- old questions such as how much and how old are addressed. The author also discusses the proper time for a teen to get a part-time job.

An article that covers everything relating to your kid and money. This article has a great chart that breaks down what other parents are paying their kids according to age. Check it out to see how you are doing when it comes to funding your child's piggy bank. 

A common sense approach to your children and their allowance. Dali Singh suggests adding more responsibility as the child seeks more independence and encourages parents to let their children learn financial responsibility by setting a good example for them.