Chore Charts

Dozens of free printable chore charts, behavior charts and reward charts you can download and print for free.  Great for motivating kids and tracking goals at home or in school.

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Chore Charts

A great tools to teach kids about responsibility.  Using this systematic way to focus on positive and/or desired behaviors helps to support the spirit of a common goal.  Today's parents are extremely busy and sometimes forget to recognize or provide structure for the tasks they expect their children to complete each week.  This type of inconsistency sets a poor precedent for many kids and does not reinforce a real-world relationship to work and the rewards that come from doing a good job.

Free Chore Charts

All of the chorecharts on are absolutely free. 

Printable Chore Charts

The reward charts on are printable and downloadable and come in a PDF file format.



  • New Teeth Brushing Charts

    We just released some new chore charts that focus on brushing teeth. This type of targeted chore chart is available to view and download in the gallery. 

  • Sponsored Chore Charts coming soon!

    We are currently working with major brands to provide sponsored chore charts that will also provide incentives for your kids to complete their chores.